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Sunday, 29 January 2017

To a Scandalmonger by Marie de Romieu

Who sent us this black devil, chased from hell,
Sloping of brow, hideous and hollow-eyed,
Who would spew forth is malice, puffed with pride,
On her the Muses love, where virtues dwell?

Go, wretch! On others work your fancy fell!
Begone, churl! Nevermore in France abide.
Rather, the dark, infernal land bestride;
Then be entombed, spurned to a fare-thee-well!

Tell me! What errant Demon goaded you
To slander her whose lyre sings fair and true,
Beloved by all of honor and high station?

You err! Oh, how you err! Can you design
No manner less abject, more decent, swine,

Than, by such lies, to spread your reputation?

From: Shapiro, Norman R. (ed. and transl.) French Women Poets of Nine Centuries: The Distaff & The Pen, 2008, John Hopkins University Press: Baltimore, Maryland, p. 249.

Date: 1581 (original in French); 2008 (translation in English)

By: Marie de Romieu (16th century)

Translated by: Norman. R. Shapiro (19??- )