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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Light on the Clouds by Augusta Theodosia Drane

I question not their vision keen
Who scan the pure transparent air
To mark each cloudlet floating there
As stains upon the pure serene.

Such gauzy films are veils, they say,
That come between us and our end;
And human lovings do but tend
To hide the greater Love away.

They count the heart a heap of dust
To chasten only and deny:
I know them holier far than I,
And yet I hold another trust.

For I have seen those cloudlets shine
With glory blazoned from above,
And I have known a human love
Reflect on earth a ray divine.

From: Drane, Augusta Theodosia, Songs in the Night and Other Poems, 2nd Edition, 1887, Burns & Oates: London and Catholic Publication Society Co: New York,, pp. 137-137.

Date: 1876

By: Augusta Theodosia Drane (1823-1894)