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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Impromptu on Being Requested to Write Some Verses by Mary Whateley Darwall

By the softly-murm’ring stream,
Where I fondly us’d to dream,
O’er the daisy-painted lawn,
Where I met the meek-ey’d dawn;
Thro’ the grove or up the mountain,
Or beside some mossy fountain,
Where I wander’d, oft befriended
By the muse, who then attended
Ev’ry rural haunt I sought,
Sooth’d each care, improv’d each thought;—
Now alas! in vain I rove:—
Nor fountain, lawn, nor dale nor grove
Can inspire the tuneful strain.
Youth is fled, and fancy’s train,
Ever flitting on the wing,
Follow HEBE and the spring.

From: Darwall, Mary Whateley, Poems on Several Occasions by Mrs. Darwall (formerly Miss Whateley) in Two Volumes, Volume I, 1794, F. Milward: London, pp. 81-82.

Date: 1794

By: Mary Whateley Darwall (1738-1825)