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Monday, 9 January 2017

Dark Between Empires by Christopher Kelen

a passage of steps
in the dark between empires

I live in a box
worm burrowed
patched of old packing
in which the salt washes

deep in the grain
lured along with a flute

red painted
on Christmas lights a tide
moss shining with the rain

this is where the princess fled
the inflated courtesan was chased
into a fog of streets
the prince followed

streets folded away
inhabitants vanished
the cauldron was rolled in behind doors

from a crack in the cabinet
see the passage of ships
sometimes mist clears
Peru hoves in sight

the ruins rise with each lapse of attention
a temple crops up in the street

but mainly the dice still roll with the decks
ivory on felt on timber

a revelation with the moon
which does the business of the goddess
to strike the silver sea.


Date: 2016

By: Christopher Kelen (1958- )