Some Politicians by Judith Catherine Green Rodrigues

To have preached even for a moment
that money matters
more than the good it buys;
to have proclaimed the end of caring;
to have unmothered the State
and left orphans to the wind;

to have waged phony battle
on the homeless and fugitive,
the needy come to our door;
to have danced on a tally of the drowned
to have pursued the desperate
for electoral triumph;

these are your names
on the sea-bed at our shore-gate
behind razor wire
among the fatherless
the trapped and the destitute
and among the separated families.


Date: 2002

By: Judith Catherine Green Rodriguez (1936- )

One Comment to “Some Politicians by Judith Catherine Green Rodrigues”

  1. Superbly ilaunimlting data here, thanks!

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