The World by Richard Zouch(e)

To our small Isle of Man, some well compare
The WORLD, that greater Continents huge frame
Nor much unlike eythers Perfections are
Their Matter, and their Mixture both the same:
Whence Mens Affection it so much allures,
Sith greatest Likenesse greatest Love procures.

But if their outward Formes we looke upon,
Wee shall their Figures divers plainely see:
For mans erected tall Proportion
To his heav’n-hoping Soule doth best agree:
Whereas the World each way being framed round,
The aptest forme for turning Change hath found.

Like Natures rarest workemanship, the Eye,
The well contrived instrument of seeing,
Which by exact and apt Rotunditie,
Performes his duty, and preserves his beeing,
Of many curious circling Spheares composed,
And Orbs, within the Orbs without enclosed.

From: Zouch(e), Richard, The Dove: or Passages of Cosmography, 2003, Text Creation Partnership: Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oxford, p. [unnumbered].

Date: 1613

By: Richard Zouch(e) (c1590-1661)


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