Man Is an Animal That Laughs by Raquel Jodorowsky

Man is an animal that laughs
or an animal that weeps
but when is he
a man who thinks?
For the way we are going
they will make of this world
the architecture of the end.
The political parties
that set up pedestals
crown man
with a yes movement and a no movement.
One-eyed poets!
What is important is to embrace the world
from this side as well as from the other,
with wrath and with love,
and to swallow the truth of its lies
and the lies of its truth.
Not life divided into right and left
but the totality of sweat,
the unity of reunited effort.
Allow us at least for a while,
little madmen,
chiefs of the flags,
to place our beautiful sex
astride your withered brains
allow us to undo the harnesses of the people
that they may run loose
like happy horses across the earth.

From: Flores, Angel and Flores, Kate (eds.), The Defiant Muse: Hispanic Feminist Poems from the Middle Ages to the Present. A Bilingual Anthology, 1986, The Feminist Press: New York, p. 107.

Date: 19?? (original in Spanish); 1986 (translation in English)

By: Raquel Jodorowsky (1937-2011)

Translated by: Kate Flores (19??-????)

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