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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Airman, R.F.C. by Agnes Grozier Herbertson

He heard them in the silence of the night
Whirring and thudding through the moonlit sky
And wondered where their target, pondered why.
Unsleeping, saw again with a young sight
The docks, yards, aerodromes revealed and white,
Heard the guns crack, saw searchlights sidle by,
Felt the bombs fall, the débris mounting high,
Knew the earth blazing and the skies alight.

They had his task; they did what he had done:
Their youth– as his– by battle was hemmed round:
Their lives hung on a thread– how finely spun!–
(Little they cared as on their way they wound!).
He prayed they might come safely through, each one,
And find a better world than he had found.


Date: 1919

By: Agnes Grozier Herbertson (1873-1958)