Excerpt from “Tom Tel-Troths Message, and His Pens Complaint” by John Lane

Time sits him downe to weepe in sorrowes sell,
And Truth bewailes mans present wickednes,
Both Time and Truth a dolefull tale doe tell,
Deploring for mans future wretchednes:
With teare-bedewed cheeks help, help therfore,
Sad tragicke muse to weepe, bewaile, deplore.

Mee thinks I see the ghost of Conscience,
Raisde from the darke grave of securitie,
Viewing the world, who once was banisht thence,
Her cheeks with teares made wet, with sighs made dry:
And this did aggravate her griefe the more,
To see the world much worse then twas before.

She wept, I saw her weepe, and wept to see
The salt teares trickling from her aged eyes,
Yea and my pen copartner needs would bee,
With black-inke teares, our teares to simpathize:
So long wee wept that all our eyes were drie,
And then our tongues began aloud to crie.

From: Lane, John, Tom Tel-Troths message, and his pens complaint A worke not vnpleasant to be read, nor vnprofitable to be followed, 2007, Text Creation Partnership: Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oxford, p. 8.

Date: 1600

By: John Lane (15??-16??)

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