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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Instantly, All Ends by Walid Khazendar

One sentence to share
same as he is
seems words have escaped him.

You lead him, straight,
cold, to the seats:
they’re the same

everything’s the same
only you, like a photograph,
haven’t changed.

Only you have not heeded what’s around you
You’ve become more sullen
as you move here and there
glancing at him in confusion
furtively, and as you turn.

They fetch the same pastries
and you wait on him
Once more, he stretches out
his hand, after years
he eats, then smiles

Some clutter

Should you see him to his room
a white rug wounded by a single flower
bare walls
a window, since then closed,
a scream, still loud, short
All you do is ordained
but don’t let him see the garden bevond his window
Take him away from it
in case all ends in an instant and you vanish!
He dreams on.


Date: 2002

By: Walid Khazendar (1950- )