His Petition to God, for King, and Parliament. 1645 by John Barford

O God, thou God of Truth, I pray thee heare
My Soules request, for all that doe Thee feare.
Ther’s but one Truth; to which both hold & bring
All thy owne People, to our soveraigne King.
And He to them, and all to joyne in One,
To cast out factious Sects, and suffer none:
Which doe Gods sacred Ordinance refuse,
Led by their Fancies, and doe Truth abuse.
All Sinnes foule plotters; let them be to him
As Gangrens, to the State, and to each limbe.
A Body perfect, may no Member misse;
Nor Kingdome stand, that long devided is:
No more blind Bullets, Fire, nor bloody Sword,
Dissentions end, but let just Law accord:
Brute bankerupt Ruffians, and Blasphemers are
All chiefe rejoycers, when true Christians jarre;
That they may Plunder, Pillage, Drink, and Whore,
And mourne when Mischief they can doe no more.
O GOD! thou needest no Instrument of Hell
Fight for thy Truth, thy Breath can them expell:
Let not our Foure-score yeares of Joy, thus turne
To horrid Out-cryes, and just cause to Mourne.
But let our King be guided whole by Thee:
In Happinesse to keepe his Kingdomes three:
And Banish all the Jesuitick crew,
That wee may sing Thee praises old and new.
Now heare sweet GOD, and settle Truth and Peace,
AMEN, I cry, Amen and never cease.

From: Barford, John, His Petition to God, for King, and Parliament, 2009, Text Creation Partnership: Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oxford.

Date: 1646

By: John Barford (fl. 1646)


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