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Saturday, 30 July 2016

[Love in Their Little Veins Inspires] by Thomas Shadwell

Hark how the Songsters of the Grove
Sing Anthems to the God of Love.
Hark how each am’rous winged Pair
With Love’s Great Praises fill the Air.

On ev’ry Side the charming Sound
Does from the hollow Woods rebound.

Love in their little Veins inspires
Their chearful Notes, their soft Desires:
While Heat makes Buds or Blossoms spring,
Those pretty Couples love and sing.

Chorus with Flutes:
But Winter puts out their Desire,
And half the Year they want Love’s Fire.

Full Chorus:
But ah how much are our Delights more dear!
For only Human-kind love all the Year.

From: Shadwell, Thomas, The History of Timon of Athens, the Man-Hater, 1736, Printed for W. Feales: London, p. 27.

Date: 1678

By: Thomas Shadwell (c1642-1692)