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Monday, 25 July 2016

Broken Branches by Jessie Mackay

As on the dark and northern pine
Down drop the feathery flakes of snow,
While the branches hold but feel them not,
Till the pile doth heavy and heavier grow;
And then—ah then the branches break!—
So do the hours, the days, the years
Fall with a soft and fairy touch
Till, mourned with unavailing tears,
The fairest branches are swept away
From the tree of life— the desolate tree!
Never to spread and blossom again
Till a spring the world shall never see.

From: Mackay, Jessie, The Sitter on the Rail: And Other Poems, 1891, Simpson and Williams: Christchurch, p. 73.

Date: 1891

By: Jessie Mackay (1864-1938)