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Friday, 17 June 2016

Song by Thomas Bishop

When Wit and charming Beauty meet,
To form an excellence divine,
I own the conquest is compleat,
And with a willing joy my heart resign:
What fool so mad to hope for liberty
When chains like yours can make us more than free?

’Tis true, Eugenia, your fair eyes,
Had gain’d the conquest long before,
They made my heart your beauty’s prize,
But now your tongue has added something more.
Myself your slave by double force I find
You first attack’d my passions, now my mind.

From: Nichols, John (ed.), A Select Collection of Poems with Notes, Biographical and Historical, The Fourth Volume, 1780, J. Nichols: London, p. 25.

Date: 1683

By: Thomas Bishop (fl. 1683)