Veritie purtraied by the French Pilgrime by Anne Edgecombe Dowriche

From Seate supernall of coelestiall Jove
Descended Truth, devoid of worldlie weed;
And with the brightnesse of her beames she strove
Gainst Sathan, Sinne, & Adams fleshlie Seed;
Reprooving wrongs, bewailing worldlings need;
Who thinke they swim in wealth (blinded by guile):
Yet wanting Truth; are wretched, poore & vile.
The World reproov’d; in rage attempts hir wracke,
Sathan assists, malicious Men devise
Torments for Truth, binde scourges at hir backe,
Exclaime against hir with blasphemous cries;
Condemning hir, exalting earthlie lies:
Yet no despite or paine can cause hir cease;
She wounded, springs; bedeckt with crowne of Peace.

From: Dowriche, Anne, The French historie, that is, A lamentable discourse of three of the chiefe, and most famous bloodie broiles that haue happened in France for the Gospell of Iesus Christ namelie, 1. The outrage called the winning of S. Iames his streete, 1557, 2. The constant martirdome of Annas Burgans one of the K. Councell, 1559, 3. The bloodie marriage of Margaret sister to Charles the 9, anno 1572, 2009, Text Creation Partnership: Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oxford, p. [unnumbered].

Date: 1589

By: Anne Edgecombe Dowriche (c1560-1596)

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