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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Of the Booke by Richard Hathwaye

The sundry beames proceeding from one Sunne,
The hive where many Bees their honey brings,
The Sea, to which a thousand rivers runne,
The garden where survives contintuall spring,
The Trophee hung with divers painfull hands,
Abstract of knowledge, Briefe of Eloquence,
Aiding the weake, preserving him that stands:
Guide to the soule, and ruler of the sense.
Such is this Volume, and the fraight hereof,
How-ever ignorance presume to scoffe.

From: Bodenham, John, Bodenham’s Belvedére or The Garden of the Muses, Reprinted from the Original Edition of 1600, 1875, Spenser Society: Manchester, p. [37].

Date: 1600

By: Richard Hathwaye (fl. 1597-1603)