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Friday, 20 May 2016

To You That Lyfe Possess Grete Troubles Do Befall by Emma Foxe

To you that lyfe possess grete troubles do befall,
When we that slepe by Dethe do feel no harm at all.
An honeste lyfe dothe bringe a joyfull deathe at last,
And lyfe agayne begins when dethe is once past.
My lovinge ffoxe ffarewell, God guyde thee with his grace,
Prepare thyselfe to come and I will geve the place.
My children all adewe, and be ryghte sure of this,
You shal be brought to Duste as emma ffoxe your Mother is.

From: Stevenson, Jane and Davidson, Peter (eds.), Early Modern Women Poets (1520-1700): An Anthology, 2001, Oxford University Press: Oxford, p. 25.

Date: 1570

By: Emma Foxe (????-1570)