Excerpts from “Angharad James’s lament for the loss of her son Dafydd Wiliam, 1729” by Angharad James Prichard

There was a garden of green trees,
mild and dear and full of small plants,
very pleasant, full this year,
a day [or time] I have known, that belonged to me.
Cut from my garden was the most beautiful
solid shoot

(a tender one and fair),
Growing (strong and handsome,
comely and fine), likely
shortly to grow big and splendid
He was the Lilly of my garden, and he was handsome,
my principal comfort, should I have had him;
cornerstone, he was the best scholar,
high in esteem, he was the very pinnacle;
he was the head of my fair vineyard/orchard,
[he was] honest and the head of my household.
He was the main shoot/scion of my house,
He was the pinnacle of Penamnen.

Remembering Dafydd (beloved shrub),
I can remember his father about the place
and I must live without either one of them
(weak state), I desire [a place] for them both in heaven,
until the hour that I am brought
(genial ones), to them.

My hope is great and everlasting,
that I shall be allowed there after him
to my very own dear heaven,
God may [allow it], to join them both:
there we will have our blessing every day,
a second life of happiness.

From: http://womenspoetry.aber.ac.uk/en/welshpoems/angharadjames/

Date: 1729 (original); 2013 (translation)

By: Angharad James Prichard (1677-1749)

Translated by: ?

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