Elegy on Shakespeare by William Basse

(He dyed in Aprill 1616.)

Renowned Spencer lye a thought more nye
To learned Chaucer, and rare Beaumond lye
A little neerer Spenser to make roome
For Shakespeare in your threefold, fowerfold Tombe.
To lodge all fowre in one bed make a shift
Untill Doomesdaye, for hardly will a fift
Betwixt this day and that by Fate be slayne,
For whom your Curtaines may be drawn againe.
If your precedency in death doth barre
A fourth place in your sacred sepulcher,
Under this carved marble of thine owne,
Sleepe, rare Tragoedian, Shakespeare, sleep alone;
Thy unmolested peace unshared Cave,
Possesse as Lord, not Tenant, of thy Grave,
That unto us & others it may be
Honor hereafter to be layde by thee.

From: Basse, William and Bond, R. Warwick (ed.), The Poetical Works of William Basse (1602-1653), now for the first time collected and edited with Introduction by R. Warwick Bond, M.A. Oxon., 1893, Ellis and Elvey: London, pp. 115-116.

Date: 1633

By: William Basse (c1583-?1653)


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