The Authors humble Addresse to his Majesty by Samuel Austin the Younger

Great Sir! may you be free
To read your self by me.
The Sun is always seen most trim and fit,
By Glasses, which are useless without it,
You find the King, and Saint,
I the Pencil, and Paint.
You make the Sunne, and light,
But I the sense, and sight.
I give virtue the face, and ey,
You its temper, and gravity:
I alone, the skin
You all within.
You Majesty include,
I its similitude.
You glory Antidate,
I only do it state.
Rise then my Muse made Royall, sing
Thy new Relation to a King:
A King to whom, thy all is due,
Who is both Great, and perfect too.

From: Austin, Samuel, A panegyrick on His Sacred Majesties royal person, (Charles IId by the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc.) and Coronation. Pindarique Ode, 1665, pp. 1-2.

Date: 1661

By: Samuel Austin the Younger (fl. 1661)

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