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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Pious Counsale by Walter Kennedy with rough rendering into modern English by flusteredduck

Leiff luif, my luif, no langir I it lyk,
Altir our amowris in to observance;
Eschew Þe sword of vengence, or it stryk;
Oure Iust, and plesance turne we in pennance;
Of misdeidis mend; of kissing mak conscience.
Confess our sinnis, and SaÞanas oursett;
Puneis oure flesche for oure grit offence;
Haif eye to God, and brek Þe Divellis nett.

Voluptuous lyfe, quhy Þinkis Þow so sweit,
Knawing Þe deiÞe Þat no man may evaid?
Syne persaveris in fleschelie lust and heit,
Now sawis may Þe frome Þy synnis dissuaid,
Contempning God, of nocht Þat lies Þe maid;
Trusting into Þis brukill lyfe and vane;
Repent in tyme, devoid Þe of Þis Iaid,
And knaw in hell Þair is eternall pane!

Pious Counsel by Walter Kennedy

Leave love, my love, no longer I it like,
Alter our amours in to observance;
Eschew the sword of vengeance, or it strike;
Our lust, and pleasance turn we in penance;
Of misdeeds mend; of kissing make conscience.
Confess our sins, and Satan overset;
Punish our flesh for our great offence;
Have eye to God, and break the Devil’s net.

Voluptuous life, why thinks thou so sweet,
Knowing the death that no man may evade?
Since perseveres in fleshly lust and heat,
No salves may thee from thy sins dissuade,
Contemning God, of nought that lies the maid;
Trusting into this brewing life and van;
Repent in time, devoid thee of this plan,
And know in hell there is eternal pain!

From: Schipper, J., “The Poems of Walter Kennedy, edited with introductions, various readings, and notes” in Denkshriften, 1902, Bei Carl Gerold’s Sohn: Vienna, pp. 10-11.

Date: c1500

By: Walter Kennedy (c1455-c1508)