The Shadow Remains by Evelyn (Lynette) Beatrice Roberts

To speak of everyday things with ease
And arrest the mind to a simpler world
Where living tables arc stripped of a cloth;

Of wood on which I washed, sat at peace:
Cooked duck, shot on an evening in peacock cold:
Studied awhile: wrote: baked bread for us both.

But here by the hearth with leisured grace
I prefer to speak of the vulgar clock that drips
With the falling of rain: woodbine tips, and yarrow

Spills, lamp, packet of salt, and twopence of mace
That sit on the shelf edged with a metal strip,
And below, brazier fire that burns our sorrow,

Dries weeping socks above on the rack: that knew
Two angels pinned to the wall–again two.

From: Rexroth, Kenneth (ed.), The New British Poets. An Anthology, 1948, New Directions: New York, p. 193.

Date: 1948

By: Evelyn (Lynette) Beatrice Roberts (1909-1995)


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