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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Desire by William Cornysh

You and I and Amyas,
Amyas and you and I,

To the green wood must we go, Alas!
You and I, my life and Amyas.

The knight knocked at the castle gate;
The lady marvelled who was thereat.

To call the porter he would not blin;
The lady said he could not come in.

The portress was a lady bright;
Strangeness that lady hight.

She asked him what was his name;
He said ‘Desire, your man, madame.’

She said ‘Desire what do you here’;
He said ‘Madame, as your prisoner.’

He was counselled to brief a bill;
And show the lady his own will.

Kindness said she would it bear;
And Pity said she would be there.

Thus how they did we cannot say –
We left them there and went our way.


Date: c1515

By: William Cornysh (1465-1523)

Alternative Titles: The Knight and the Lady; You and I and Amyas