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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Excerpt from “The Wallace: Book 1” by Blind Harry (Henry the Minstrel) with translation by Stephan Gramley

Our antecessowris that we suld of reide
And hald in mynde thar nobille worthi deid,
We lat ourslide throw verray sleuthfulnes,
And castis us evir till uthir besynes.
Till honour ennymyis is our haile entent:
It has beyne seyne in thir tymys bywent.
Our ald ennemys cummyn of Saxonys blud,
That nevyr yeit to Scotland wald do gud
Bot evir on fors and contrar haile thar will,
Quhow gret kyndnes thar has beyne kyth thaim till.
It is weyle knawyne on mony divers syde
How thai haff wrocht into thar mychty pryde
To hald Scotlande at undyr evirmar,
Bot God abuff has maid thar mycht to par.

Our ancestors, who we should read of,
And hold in mind their noble worthy deeds
We let pass by, through veritable slothfulness;
And continually occupy ourselves with other business.
To honor our enemies is our whole intention,
It has been seen in bygone times;
Our old enemies came of Saxon blood,
Who never yet to Scotland would do good,
But necessarily and against their will,
How great kindness there has been revealed to them.
It is well known on diverse sides,
How they have tried in their mighty pride,
To hold Scotland down evermore
But god above has lessened their might.

From: [original]

Date: c1477 (original); 2012 (translation)

By: Blind Harry (Henry the Minstrel) (c1440-1492)

Translated by: Stephan Gramley (19??- )