On the Fitness of Seasons by Enzo, King of Sardinia

There is a time to mount; to humble thee
A time; a time to talk, and hold thy peace;
A time to labour, and a time to cease;
A time to take thy measures patiently;
A time to watch what Time’s next step may be;
A time to make light count of menaces,
And to think over them, a time there is;
There is a time when to seem not to see.
Wherefore I hold him well-advised and sage
Who evermore keeps prudence facing him,
And lets his life slide with occasion;
And so comports himself, through youth to age,
That never any man at any time
Can say, Not thus, but Thus thou shouldst have done.

From: Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, Dante and His Circle: With the Italian Poets Preceding Him (1100-1200-1300), 1887, Roberts Brothers: Boston, p. 186.


Date: c1250 (original); 1861 (translation)

By: Enzo, King of Sardinia (1225-1272)

Translated by: Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)

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