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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Adversity by Richard Gall

When shall my lingering sorrows have an end!
Alas! I’m doomed to be the child of wo!
I still must bear each agonizing throe,
Whose pointed pangs my feeble heart-strings rend.
Each little scene I thought so sweet and fair,
(Ah! thought so once, but in a better day!)
No more with wanton pleasure I’ll survey:
For now, even now, I’m silvered o’er with care,
Ere yet my sun hails its meridian light,
That marks life’s noontide, as it ceaseless turns;
My throbbing bosom, agitated, burns,
In hopes ’twill quickly set in endless night.
Then may kind Heaven in mercy close my woes,
And lay my wearied body to repose!

From: Gall, Richard, Poems and Songs, with a Memoir of the Author, 1819, Oliver and Boyd: Edinburgh, p. 89.

Date: 1819 (published)

By: Richard Gall (1776-1801)