Disenchanted by Eliza Harriet Keary

I took my heart up in my hand,
I climbed the hill,
That superb height on which you stand;
And my strung will
Found only sweet
The labour that it was to reach your feet.

I poured my life out at your feet;
I almost ceased
To breath or be; my heart scarce beat;
No flutter teased
My calm; strength fast
Struck through my soul, that worshipped, loved, at last.

But then I looked up at your face,
And your self spoke;
My stung soul shuddered from its place
As my love broke
Wild from its chain,
And rebegotten in the womb of pain.

I dragged my life up from the ground,
And went forth bare,
(I had not found, I had not found)
Through sharp, stern air
Alone I went,
Alone I go, through vast abandonment.

From: Keary, Eliza, Little Seal-skin, and Other Poems, 1874, George Bell and Sons: London, pp. 32-32.

Date: 1874

By: Eliza Harriet Keary (1827-1918)

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