To his Loving Brother in law Robert Moyle, of Bake, Esquire, and Anne his Wife by Henry Lok

If like the world a while I seeme to you,
Forgetfull and unkind for kindnesse showne,
Thinke it not strange their natures I ensue,
Where most I live, whose proofe is dearly knowne,
The world to me unkind and carelesse growne,
Converts my nature to her temperature;
My youth—with love of her puft up and blowne—
Is cause that I now justly this endure:
Yet world’s delights, nor cares nere alter’d sure,
So farre my minde, that I ingrate did prove;
Heaven’s faith, Earth’s friendship, doth my soule inure
To take far greater pains where once I love:
You then—by bloud and friendship’s holy vow—
Right deare take this, and for love’s seale allow.

From: Lok, Henry and Grosart, Alexander B., Miscellanies of The Fuller Worthies’ Library. Poems by Henry Lok, Gentleman, 1871, Private Circulation: Blackshire, Lancashire, pp. 368-369.

Date: 1593-1597

By: Henry Lok (c1553-c1608)


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