Science and Philosophy by Constance Caroline Woodhill Naden

We went a‐begging for a nobler creed,
We craved the living bread and wine of thought,
That Eucharist which is not sold or bought,
But freely given; yet, did any heed,
’Twas but to offer pence, or bid us feed
From empty sacramental vessels, wrought
Of gold or brass; we spent our prayers for nought,
Faint and athirst with spiritual need.

Then some brought grapes, and some brought corn and yeast,
Plenteous and good; yet still we murmured, “Give!
This is scant fare when thirst and hunger cry:
Teach us to change our garner to a feast,
Preparing food by which the mind may live,
Perennial loaves, and flagons never dry.”

From: Naden, Constance, The Complete Poetical Works, 1894, Bickers & Son: London, p. 333.

Date: 1887

By: Constance Caroline Woodhill Naden (1858-1889)


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