To the Fair Injur’d Celia by Sarah Dixon

Beauty! thou soft Intruder to the Heart,
Where is thy Triumph? Tell us what thou art.
Like Light and Truth, thine Energy we feel,
Hard to describe, but harder to conceal:
A Gift celestial! and of mighty Sway,
Whose transient Power we willingly obey:
Auxiliary Aid! which by ill Conduct lost
Betrays the Fair, and leaves Mankind to boast.
Rich in thy self, but oft’ without Defence,
What Guard has Celia found from Innocence?
With glitt’ring Fortune, and obsequious Lyes,
How many Charms one Fop can sacrifice!

Ah! Celia, thou not singly art undone,
The vile Contagion through the Sex has run;
We gaze, admire, then all our Arts employ,
With the same Pleasure ruin and injoy.
A generous Foe, this Secret I confess,
Honour is shock’d at Celia’s great Distress.

From: Dixon, Sarah, Poems on Several Occasions, 1740, J. Arbree: Canterbury, p. 45.

Date: 1740

By: Sarah Dixon (1671/2-1765)

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