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Friday, 29 January 2016

The Refuge of a Sinner by Robert Burdet(t)

Soyled in sinnes, O Lord! a wretched sinfull ghoste,
To thee I call, to thee I sue, that showest of mercie most:
Who can me helpe but thou, in whom all healp doth rest?
My sinne is more than man can mend, and that thou knowest best.
On whom then shall I call, to whom shall I make mone?
Sith man is mightlesse sinne to cure, I seeke to thee alone:
In thee I knowe all might and power doth remayne,
And at thy handes I am well sure mercie I shall obtain.
Thy promise cannot fayle, wherein I me repose;
To thee alone (els to no man) my hart wyll sinne disclose:
The sinner thou doest save, no Saviour els I finde;
Thou onely satisfied hast for the sinne of all mankynde,
The sacrifice whereof thou offeredst once for aye,
Whereby his wrath for Adam’s gylt thy Father put awaye;
And by thy death alone mankinde restored is:
There was no meanes mercye for man to get of him but this.
Now thou hast mercye bought, if man by thee will crave,
And who that seeketh by other meanes small mercie might he have.
Wherefore, O Lorde! on thee for mercie do I call;
Let not my sinnes consume me cleane, and I dampned to fall.
The merites of my workes, were they never so just,
I here forsake, and them resigne to such as in them trust.


Date: 1565 (published)

By: Robert Burdet(t) (1510-1549)