What Passes and Endures by John Ceiriog Hughes

Still the mighty mountains stand
And the great winds about them roar;
And all around we hear at dawn
The shepherds’ old‑time songs
And daisies growing in cleft and rock
Still thrust and grow and thrive
‘Tis only the shepherds who are new
Among these timeless, mighty hills.

Year succeeds year; the customs change
Old gives place to new.
The generations come and go
Some with gladness, others tears
Freed from storm and stress,
Alun Mabon finds his rest
Yet the old tongue lives on
And the old songs endure.

From: http://www.ballinagree.freeservers.com/arosmaeeng.html

Date: 18?? (original in Welsh); 1926 (translation in English)

By: John Ceiriog Hughes (1832-1887)

Translated by: Alfred Perceval Graves (1846-1931)


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