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Saturday, 16 January 2016

A Calvinistical Reflection by Susanna Hiller Highmore

Tho’ pure my hands, and free from guilty stains,
Tho’ undissolv’d each social tie remains;
Altho’ no husbund mourns his injur’d hed;
Nor pines with grief the violated maid:
Altho’ I pay each just return I owe,
And sympathetick feel another’s woe,
With liberal hand sustain the needy poor,
And age, and sickness, bless my op’ning door:
Tho’ each complaint, each bursting sigh I hear,
Melt for each want, and pity every tear:
Yet some dark tenet should I disbelieve,
Or dare to doubt what I can ne’er conceive;
Still hell’s broad path erroneous have I trod,
A foe to virtue, and a foe to God.

From: Highmore, Susanna, “A Calvinistical Reflection” in The Gentleman’s Magazine and Historical Chronicle, Volume XIX. For the Year M.DCC.XLIX, 1749, Edward Cave: London, p. 565.

Date: 1749

By: Susanna Hiller Highmore (1690-1750)