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Friday, 15 January 2016

Upon the Much Lamented Death of That Most Vertuous and Incomparable Lady Elizabeth, Daughter of the Right Honourable Ferdinand, Lord Hastings, Earl of Huntingdon. And Wife to the Right Worshipful, Sr. James Langham by Bathsua Reginald Makin

Pass not, but wonder, and amazed stand
At this sad Tomb; for here inclosed lie
Such rare perfections, that no tongue, or hand
Can speak them, or pourtray them to the eie:
Such was her body, such her foul divine,
Which hence ascended, here hath left this shrine,
To tell her Princely birth, and high descent,
And what by noble Huntingdon is meant,
Transcends the Heralds Art, beyond the rules
Of Ore, or Argent, Azure, or of Gules:
To that Nobility her Birth had given
A second added was, deriv’d from Heaven;
Thence her habitual goodness, solid worth
Her piety, her vertues blazon forth,
Her for a pattern unto after ages,
To be admir’d by all, exprest by sages,
Who whilst they write of her, will sadly sorrow,
That she did not survive to see their morrow.
So good in all Relations, so sweet
A Daughter, such a loving Wife; discreet
A Mother; though not hers, not partial,
She lov’d, as if they had been natural.
To the Earl and Ladies she a sister rare,
A Friend, where she profest, beyond compare;
Her hours were all precisely kept, and spent
In her devotions; and her studies meant
To share some for her languages, which she
In Latine, French, Italian, happily
Advanced in with pleasure; what do I
Recount her parts? her Memory speaks more
Than what can be, or hath bin said before.
It asks a Volume rather than a Verse
Which is confined only to her Herse.
But now blest Soul, She is arriv’d at Heaven,
Where, with a Crown of life, to her is given
A new transcendent Name, to th’ world unknown,
Not writ in marble, but the Saints white Stone:
Inthron’d above the stars, with glory crown’d,
Enstal’d with. bliss, and Hallelujah’s found.

From: Ford, Simon, Hesychia Christianou, or, A Christian’s acquiescence in all the products of divine providence, 1665, R.D. for John Baker: London, pp. 162-163.

Date: 1665

By: Bathsua Reginald Makin (c1600-c1675)