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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Her Face, Her Tongue, Her Wit by Arthur Gorges

Her Face, her Tonge, her Wytte
So fayre, so sweete, so sharpe,
First bent, then drew, then hytte,
Myne Eye, mine Eare, my Hartt.

Myne eye, mine eare, mine Harte,
To Lyke, to Learne, to Love,
Your face, your Tongue, your Wytt
Doth Leade, doth teache, doth move.

Her face, her Tongue, her Wytt,
With Beames, with Sound, with Arte
Doth bynde, doth Charme, doth Rule,
myne eye, myne eare, my harte.

Myne eye, myne eare, my harte,
with Lyfe, with Hope, with Skill
Your face, your Tonge, your wytt,
Doth feed, doth feast, doth fill.

Oh face, oh Tonge, oh Wytte
with Frownes, with Checkes, with Smarte
wronge not, vex not, wound not
myne eye, myne eare, my Harte.

This Eye, this Eare, this Harte,
Shall joy, shall bynd, shall sweare,
Yowr Face, yowr Tonge, your Wytt
To Serve, to Love, to Feare.


Date: 1593

By: Arthur Gorges (c1569-1625)