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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Sonnet by Margaret Wrench Holford

O ye! who spread aloft your silken sails,
While down bright Pleasure’s glassy stream ye glide,
Wafted by Fortune’s ever-varying gales
Beneath Hope’s flatt’ring sky, steer’d by your pilot Pride–
The siren song of gay Security
Thrills in soft measures through the charmed air;
She bids ye listen to the tale of Joy,
Nor fear the storms of Grief nor rugged rocks of Care.
But see with Fate’s dark clouds the sky o’ercast;
Now through the shrouds the whistling tempest raves,
Cold Disappointment comes with chilling blast,
And whelms your painted bark deep in Destruction’s waves,
Untaught to stem Misfortune’s torrents rude,
Or shun the hidden rocks of sad Viccissitude.

From: Holford, M, Gresford Vale, and Other Poems, 1798, Hookham and Carpenter: London, p. 37.

Date: 1798

By: Margaret Wrench Holford (1757-1834)