Saint Lucy Eyes by Juliet Cook

Martyr mouths to be filled and then stomped on

body parts to be pried open poured into
choked gagged dragged stabbed left for dead
who cares they’re just objects with holes

Dredged out suppurated glitter head

pull off all the legs of that daddy long legs
stick the un-moveable circle in a shot glass
until it dies into a tiny eyeless skull
or a disembodied eye to be inserted
into an empty slot, another ripped out hole

If you just add water it might rise up and grow
new eyes and open them, until you shove it back down
into the hot poison cauldron and watch

Purple brain flowers burst out.

From: Cook, Rob and Dickinson, Stephanie (eds.), Skidrow Penthouse #16, 2014, Skidrow Penthouse: New York, p. 60.

Date: 2014

By: Juliet Cook (19??- )


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