The Makaris Exhortatoun to All Men in Generall by Robert Sempill (the Elder) with rough rendering into almost modern English by flusteredduck

Amend zour lyves, and call on God for grace,
Pray for zour King with hartie Exhortatioun,
Repent our sinnis quhill we haif tyme and space
Detest all vice, and foule abhominatioun.
Than God sall gif us confort and consolatioun,
Pray for the Nobill Quene of Ingland
Quha in our neid still sendis us supportatioun,
Hir grace, lang space, may in gude weilfair stand,
So be it.

The Maker’s Exhortation to All Men in General by Robert Sempill (the Elder)

Amend your lives, and call on God for grace,
Pray for your King with hearty Exhortation,
Repent our sins while we have time and space
Detest all vice, and foul abomination.
Than God shall give us comfort and consolation,
Pray for the Noble Queen of England
Who in our need still sends us supportation,
Her grace, long space, may in good welfare stand,
So be it.

From: Sempill, Robert and Sempill, James, The Sempill Ballates. A series of historical, political, and satirical Scotish Poems, ascribed to Robert Sempill. M.D.LXVII.—M.D.LXXXIII. To which are added Poems by Sir James Semple of Beltrees, M.D.XCVIII-M.DC.X. Now for the first time printed, 1872, Thomas George Stevenson: Edinburgh, p. 69.

Date: 1570

By: Robert Sempill (the Elder) (c1530-1595)


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