To the Author by Thomas Acheley (Achelley/Achlow/Atchelow)

Thy booke beginning sweete and ending sowre,
Deere friend, bewrayes thy false successe in love,
Where smiling first, thy Mistres falles to lowre,
When thou did’st hope her curtesie to prove;
And finding thy expected lucke to fayle,
Thou falle from praise, and dost begin to rayle.
To use great tearmes in praise of thy devise,
I thinke were vaine: therefore I leave them out;
Content thee, that the Censure of the wise
Hath put that needeles question out of doubt:
Yet how I weigh the worke that thou hast wrought,
My judgement I referre unto thy thought.


Date: 1582

By: Thomas Acheley (Achelley/Achlow/Atchelow)


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