If I Loved You by Mary MacKay (Marie Corelli)

If I loved you, and you loved me,
How happy this little world would be-
The light of the day, the dancing hours,
The skies, the trees, the birds the flowers,
Would all be part of our perfect gladness;-
And never a note of pain or sadness
Would jar life’s beautiful melody
If I loved you, and you loved me!

“If I loved you!” Why, I scarcely know
How, if I did, the time would go!-
I should forget my dreary cares,
My sordid toil, my long despairs,
I should watch your smile, and kneel at your feet,
And live my life in the love of you, Sweet!-
So mad, so glad, so proud I should be,
If I loved you, and you loved me!

“If you loved me!” Ah, nothing so strange
As that could chance in this world of change!-
As well expect a planet to fall,
Or a queen to serve as a beggar’s thrall;-
But if you did,- romance and glory
Might spring from our lives’ united story,
And angels might be less happy than we-
If I loved you, and you loved me!

“If I loved you, and you loved me!”
Alas! ’tis a joy we shall never see-
For the world to us is cruel and cold,-
We shall drift along till we both grow old,
Till we reach our waiting graves and die,
Looking back on the days that have passed us by,
When “what might have been” can no longer be,-
When I lost you, and you lost me!

From: http://niftynats.tripod.com/lesbians/corelli.htm

Date: 1902

By: Mary MacKay (Marie Corelli) (1855-1924)

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