Excerpt from “The Beauties of the Universe” by Robert Gambol

His Soul, when it shall drop this brittle Clay,
Will to superior Regions wing its Way;
Unbounded in its Ken, (from Prison free,)
Will clearly view what here we darkly see:
Those planetary worlds, and thousands more,
Now veil’d from Human Sight, it shall explore;
Each Faculty will then have full employ;
And Pleasures vary, that can never cloy;
No fruitless Wish, no barren Hope ‘twill know,
The Stream of Bliss for ever clear will flow;
Fruition then with Desire shall move,
And all be Rapture, all ecstatic Love;
All in the great Creator’s Praise conspire,
And with glad Transport join the sacred Choir!

From: R.G., The beauties of the universe. A poem. By a gentleman of the navy, 1732, J. Roberts: London, p. 7.

Date: 1732

By: Robert Gambol (?-?)

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