On its being reported that Lord O——d repents by Cornelius Arnold

O Lord O——d! afflicted with the Stone, repents,
And shews, they say, great Signs of Penitence:
Who in the least can doubt his Reformation;
See! he refunds the Plunder of the Nation:
Of all his Funds, Refund he ne’er could like;
How forcibly the racking Stone can Strike!
Why do ye Wonder! Men of Parts so quick,
Repent much faster than the humdrum Sick;
One Hour with them more Sins doth wipe away,
Than Dull-Ones dreaming o’er their Beads a Day

NB. It is desir’d this may be look’d on only as an Excursion of Fancy, no Sarcasm being intended on his Lordship, to whom the Author had the Honour of, being personally known, and whom in private Life he greatly revered.

From: Arnold, C., Poems on Several Occasions, 1757, London, pp. 210-211.

Date: 1757

By: Cornelius Arnold (1711-?1757)


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