Epilogue to “A Christian Turn’d Turke” by Robert Daborne

Who writes and thinkes to please the generall taste
Where eyes and eares are fed, shal find he hath placed
His worke with the fond Painter, who did mend
So long, that striving to please others, gave no end
To his owne labours; for us, and if not all
We know we have pleased some, whose judgements fall
Beyond the common ranke, to whom we humbly yield
Our selves and labours, they best deserve to shield
The worthy workes of Time, and with their view
To grace choyce Pennes, and such we hope are you,
To whom we owe our toyle, and willing give
All right in this, your favour makes it live.
Stand faire unto our ends then still, and crowne
With gentle hand this worke which now’s your owne.

From: Daborne, Robert, A Christian turn’d Turke: or, The tragicall lives and deaths of the two famous pyrates, Ward and Dansiker As it hath beene publickly acted. Written by Robert Daborn, Gentleman, 2003, Text Creation Partnership: Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oxford.


Date: 1612

By: Robert Daborne (c1580-1628)


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