Vervain by Fabian McPherson

…take dire map. It opens the small room,
vinyl rim cull’d in the star hour
Tho tok sche of the mist         / Unzoned,
along Spikes thread-shaped, & New Age
Supplies, Independence, MO 64053.
Galactagogue, the trumpet announces:
their persons a blade, and all the defects
under the damp peak of sparkling woods,
and by the inner wall.
Halt, yes. No,
Of herbes ben noght betre, oh Mercury’s
moist blood. Elena Stabs Stefan With Ver-
vain: Miss Mystic Falls Clip 28, which vain ism.
Neither, in the familiar Welsh names of those
plants, connected with the Druid.
Seeds four.—Withering. walk now the halls;
My Vampire Diaries Necklace with


Date: 2011

By: Fabian McPherson (19??- )


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