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Friday, 28 August 2015

Slides from Tolstoy. I. Under Oaks by Matthew Gregory

When she tore off a leaf to give to him
he held it up like a note from her.
They laughed, and he let her go lightly
ahead under the oak’s green print.
They walked, for interminable passages

in the Summer Garden that June.

In her silhouettes he saw her elbows
fly out before her, her bonnet loose
over her live hair, in her silhouettes
he saw her plural all around.
Count Levin looked at the leaf
in his hand—forgive me, but I am happy.

Kitty stopped and posed by one trunk
that’d surged up the centuries. She was tiny
under its cambers.Well, what do you think? ‘The Tsarina’ by Makovsky? Levin nodded
but was a muzhik when it came to art.
He stood back and saw only his Kitty
by the high tree, pressing in his palm
its warm, strange leaf, a fold from the realm.


Date: 2011

By: Matthew Gregory (1984- )