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Monday, 24 August 2015

Songe by Ellin Thorne with rough translation into almost modern English by flusteredduck

Would god that deth with cruell darte
and fatall sesters thre
before had perste my virgins harte
or I did fancye the

Cupido then his force had bent
and golden bowe in vaine
my womans harte hade not ben rent
with this most rewfull paine

His denting darte no soner flew
from sounding silver stringe
but pinchinge paines eke dolores newe
within my brest did springe

O lukeless happ unhapy luke
some lyones me feede
some Savage tiger gave me suke
un thankfulness me brede

Els I not once had fended the
whoss shynning comely graice
constraines me nowe to rune I se
a captives Rufull rayce

O spile me not but spedely
thie mercy here extende
and I wyll serve the faithfully
unto my latter ende.

Song by Ellin Thorne (translated by flusteredduck)

Would god that death with cruel dart
and fatal sisters three
before had pierced my virgin’s heart
or I did fancy thee

Cupid then his force had bent
And golden bow in vain
my woman’s heart had not been rent
with this most rueful pain

His denting dart no sooner flew
from sounding silver string
but pinching pains of dolour new
within my breast did spring

O luckless that unhappy luck
some lioness fed me
some savage tiger gave me suck
unthankfulness bred me

Else I not once had offended thee
whose shining comely grace
constrains me now to ruin I see
a captive’s rueful race

O destroy me not but speedily
thy mercy here extend
and I will serve thee faithfully
unto my later end.

From: Stevenson, Jane and Davidson, Peter (eds.), Early Modern Women Poets: An Anthology, 2001, Oxford University Press: Oxford, pp. 75-76.

Date: c1576

By: Ellin Thorne (fl. 1576)