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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Upon His Majesties Return, with the Dukes of York and Glocester by James Howell

The Stars of late Eccentrick went
Out of the British Firmament,
But now they are fix’d there again,
And all concentred in Charles wain;
Where, since just Heaven did them restore,
They shine more glorious then before.

Long may they glitter in that Sky
With Beams of new Refulgency;
May great Apollo from his Sphear
Encrease their light, and motions chear,
So that old Albion may from thence
Grow younger by their Influence.

May no ill-boding Blazing Star,
No Northern Mist, or Civil War,
No lowring Planet ever raign
Their lustre to obscure again,
But may whoole Heav’n be fair and cleer,
And every Star a Cavalier.


Date: 1663

By: James Howell (c1594-1666)