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Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Mustard-Seed by John Newton Brown

Matt. xiii. 31, 32.

To what shall I liken the kingdom of God?
To a man who a very small mustard-seed took,
And, despite of its littleness, carefully sowed
Where the soil was enriched by a neighboring brook.

Beneath the warm sunbeam it sprouted and grew,
And green was the foliage of beauty it wore ;
And lofty and large were its limbs to the view,
Though the seed, of all seeds, was the smallest before.

Now a tree of great size, wide its branches extend,
And shelter and shade to the weary it shows;
And the birds of the air on its verdure depend,
And beneath its broad shadow in safety repose.

Thus, though small its beginning, the kingdom of God
Is destined to flourish, to grow, and increase,
And spread itself wider and wider abroad,
Till the whole earth repose in its shadow of peace.


From: Brown, J. Newton, Emily, and Other Poems, 1840, Israel S. Boyd: Concord, N.H., p. 45.

Date: 1820

By: John Newton Brown (1803-1860)