Extempore by Robert Fergusson

On being asked which of three Sisters was the most Beautiful.

When Paris gave his voice, in Ida’s grove,
For the resistless Venus, queen of love,
‘Twas no great task to pass a judgment there,
Where she alone was exquisitely fair:
But here, what could his ablest judgment teach?
When wisdom, power, and beauty, reign in each?
The youth, nonplus’d, behov’d to join with me,
And wish the apple had been cut in three.

From: Fergusson, Robert and Gray, James (ed.), The Poems of Robert Fergusson. With a Life of the Author, and Remarks on His Genius and Writings, by James Gray, Esq., 1821, John Fairbairn: Edinburgh, pp. 57-58.

Date: 1773

By: Robert Fergusson (1750-1774)


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