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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Embedded Lyric A (Ihesu, Be Thou My Joy) by Richard Rolle (with rough translation into modern English by flusteredduck)

Ihesu, be thou my ioy,
Al melody and swetnes,
And lere me for to synge,
The sange of thi louynge.

Embedded Lyric A (Jesu, Be My Joy) by Richard Rolle (rough translation by flusteredduck)

Jesu, be my joy,
All melody and sweetness,
And teach me to sing,
The song of your loving.

From: Hirsh, John C., “Appendix B: Poems by William Herebert, Richard Rolle, and John Audelay” in Medieval Lyric: Middle English Lyrics, Ballads, and Carols, 2005, Blackwell Publishing Ltd: London, p. 9.

Date: c1340

By: Richard Rolle (c1290-1349)